Posted by: bundagaluh | February 21, 2008

First move

Well, trully I am a really un-organized one. I’ve owned this blog since last January but you see, it’s still empty 😦

However, that’s ok. Better late than never, right? ;D Bismillaahirrahmaanirraahiim, hope I can manage my self start from now. I’ll try to do what Bu Lala said “focus on 15 minutes” Yeah, is she can be orginanized why can’t I? hehehe

Last night I really slept like a baby. Even I think I slept earlier than Thole. What a pity my little funky star 😦 Forgive your mom, okey. Yups, maybe because yesterday was a hard enough day for me. The night before I only slept for two hours, then in the office I translated 86 seamole forms for only 5 hours. Pyuh..! The worst thing was that the selectection process with seamolec commitee was cancelled due to the connection that did not work well. As a result, the Vicon did not work as well.

Today it is scheduled to have the Vicon again but till the time I write this, the connection is still offlined. Do hope that it will work well this afternoon. Okey, I’ve got to log out now coz I’ve got to complete the research proposal for next week. Last but not least, one thing that makes me happy is that my two little stars are getting better from their cold. Thanks God for all of the things You give to me..Hmm, I really miss Salsa and Royan now. 😦


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