Posted by: bundagaluh | February 22, 2008

First step to reconstruction

Semalem, aku seneng banget ketika sampai di rumah. Salsa sama Royan belum pada tidur. Hemm, just like usual, they competed to get my attention by telling anything they did the whole day. Royan with his ‘planet talking’ and Salsa with her talkative manner. That’s the best time I love when arriving at home. I love you both ;D

Then Salsa felt so enthusiastic getting the new practical book I bought for her in Gramedia yesterday. Just like usual, she forgot everything and started doing the works on the book one by one. Yeah, I know I have to reconstruct the education of my children. I don’t want them miss their gold age time. I want them to grow as maximally as possible on their own bright side. That’s why I start downloading any material for my two lovely stars. Thanks Bu Lala and pak Aar. your blog is very inspiring 😉

I know that it will be hard enough for me since I work since 08 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, nothing is impossible, right? The key is “commitment” Yeah, I have to commit myself for it, for my two lovely stars. They are all my future actually.

So, here is the first step for that ‘reconstruction’. Yes semangat semangat semangat ;D


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