Posted by: bundagaluh | March 3, 2008


Uhh, this morning I woke up very lazily. I felt so so tired. Last night, Salsa was sick. She got a terrible cold and cough. I took her to the doctor but the queue was so long that made her couldn’t stand to wait for the turn. As a result, we went home beore meeting the doctor.

Once again, I get confused just like usual. I don’t know what decision to take yet, whether to continue my routines like this one semester or make a big step to the right. Uhh, really can’t think anything. Oh, dear God, I wanna be free as free as a bird that can fly her two wings to anywhere and  goes back to her darn anytime she wants to, to meet her lovely kids…..

Right now, so many things and so many works are await. pyuh…..


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